GI Conduits and Accessories

GI Conduits and Accessories
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1 gang gi ko box

Single gang knock out box.With adjustable lug and earth link...

S$0.35 Ea

7800 sets available

1" x 1" aluminum gi adaptor

1" x 1" gi aluminum adaptor.For use with 25mm/1" gi flexibles..

S$0.25 Ea

5000 sets available

11mm Caddy Clip No.300

11mm Caddy Clip No.300..

S$1.25 pcs

110 sets available

13mm Caddy Clip No.310

13mm Caddy Clip No.310..

S$2.25 pcs

16 sets available

2 gang ko box

Double gang gi ko box..

S$0.55 Ea

4800 sets available

2 Hole Angle Bracket

2 Hole Angle Bracket ..

S$0.60 Pcs

80 sets available

20mm GI socket

Brand new 20mm GI socket ..

S$0.18 Piece

156 sets available

20mm kon klip butterfly clip

20mm kon klip. For connecting conduit to threaded rod ..

S$0.35 Ea

4700 sets available

20mm screwless coupler

20mm gi screwless coupler.For join pvc to gi conduits ..

S$0.25 Ea

3000 sets available

25 x 20 copper adaptor

25 x 20 copper adaptor ..

S$0.45 pcs

300 sets available

25mm GI socket

Brand new 25mm GI socket..

S$0.20 Piece

174 sets available

3/4" GI 2Way Box

3/4" GI 2Way Box..

S$0.60 pcs

31 sets available

3/4" GI 3Way Box

3/4" GI 3Way Box..

S$0.60 pcs

9 sets available

3/8 Wedge Nut

3/8 Wedge Nut..

S$0.35 pcs

400 sets available

38mm GI Angle Bar ( 3 mtr )

38mm GI Angle Bar ( 3 mtr )..

S$7.00 Length

5 sets available